HabitNu Rx


eCARE Plan

HabitNu Rx is a game-changing documentation platform for pharmacies that blends clinical coaching and technology with human-centered design to improve the health outcomes of people living with diabetes and related chronic conditions.  

eCARE Plan Platform

A “one stop solution” for pharmacy care services

HabitNu Rx goes beyond traditional medication management by providing a “one-stop-solution” to help pharmacies establish an effective approach to wellness, disease prevention, chronic disease management and medication adherence. 

Clinical documentation disease management

With HabitNu Rx, pharmacists can now document patient information, provide interventions, track outcomes and share clinical information. HabitNuRx also enables pharmacies seek reimbursement from payers for these services. 

Interoperability standards and clinical integration

HabitNu Rx supports the interoperability standards for clinical integration required by the Community Pharmacy Enhanced Services Network (CPESN) and is an approved CPESN vendor for the Pharmacist eCare Plan initiative. 

Platform capabilities


Covid-19 Assessment and Testing

  • Rapidly scale patient screening and assessment for COVID-19 using the HabitNu Rx eCarePlan platform

  • Screen patients based on potential risk

  • Prioritize who needs to be tested and automatically schedule those individuals for testing using a link on your pharmacy website.

HabitNu Rx allows pharmacists to document patient information, create and track lab orders, print shipping labels and submit claims. Pharmacists can track positive cases and help patients using our telehealth videoconferencing and digital tools.

Remote Patient Monitoring and Documentation

  • Access telehealth and digital tools that you need to collect, track and transmit clinical data

  • Collaborate with the patients’ doctors and help improve care coordination, leading to better health outcomes.

Three recently introduced remote patient monitoring billing codes for Medicare and Medicare Advantage members, 99453, 99454, 99457, present a valuable opportunity for HabitNu’s partners to improve patient care and increase reimbursement revenue potential.