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HabitNu Solutions


Leverage HabitNu's existing infrastructure to get online fast.  You can become a subsidiary of HabitNu and your organization will receive HabitNu's full recognition status.

HabitNu Umbrella

CDC's DPP recognition  under a brand new Umbrella structure


HabitNu Careplan

Document patient information, provide interventions, track outcomes and share clinical information easier.  Seek reimbursement from payers for these services. 

Blend health coaching with high-tech design to your pharmacy or clinic

Remoted patient monitoring, data tracking, and coordination between all your patients' doctors improves quality of care.


Enable real-time, secure, and compliant centralized monitoring and remote connectivity to your patients

Real-time telehealth, monitoring, and outreach that adapts

HabitNu Connect

Engage patients through customizable care plans, behavior shaping health activities, automated reminders and alerts and secure multi-channel communication tools.

Join our partners

Our adaptable, next-generation platform helps organizations of any size provide life-changing services to patients, clients, and community members from all walks of life. Tens of millions of Americans are currently eligible for in-person DPP as a covered medical benefit paid through Medicare, Medicare Advantage and commercial health plans. By partnering with HabitNu, your organization will have the opportunity to change lives, make a lasting impact and get paid for it.

Employer Solutions

HabitNu Can Help



HabitNu has your team's back

HabitNu knows that employee health and company health go hand in hand. Lower your insurance costs, raise employee well-being, and provide a new perk by connecting your company with HabitNu's Diabetes Prevention Program. Work from home is the way of the future, and now you have HabitNu to keep your team healthy at home! 

Read about our work at Walmart Health


Health Systems

HabitNu has solutions for you 

Patient monitoring is simpler with HabitNu HabitNu Connect. Engage patients through customizable care plans, behavior shaping health activities, automated reminders and alerts, and secure multi-channel communication tools. Or, get your current Diabetes Prevention Program online fast with HabitNu Umbrella or simply licensing our app.

Read about our work with CHI, Monterey County, CA

Female Assistance


HabitNu is rolling out new partnership models for Pharmacies like you

HabitNu Rx goes beyond medication management by providing a “one-stop-solution” to help pharmacies establish an effective approach to wellness, prevention, disease management, and medication adherence. HabitNu Careplan supports the interoperability standards for clinical integration required by the Community Pharmacy Enhanced Services Network (CPESN) and is an approved CPESN vendor.

Learn about eCare Plan and DSME

Every partnership is unique. Contact a HabitNu expert to get started


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