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We Care.

That's why we have the HabitNu Foundation

Every one out of three adults in the USA is at risk for developing type 2 diabetes. HabitNu foundation works with community partners to prevent type 2 diabetes in at-risk communities. 

Our mission

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HabitNu Foundation's mission is to prevent the growth of type 2 diabetes in vulnerable at-risk communities by empowering them to take personal responsibility for their health.

HabitNu Foundation works with rural and inner-city neighborhoods to create a culture of health and well-being by addressing food insecurity and diabetes prevention.

Our work in Mississippi


DPP Participants receiving produce boxes 

Impact of HabitNu DPP in MS: A participant's story

Mississippi is the only state with every county in the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) “Diabetes Belt”. No public health district in Mississippi has a diabetes prevalence below that of the national prevalence.

Mississippi became the first state that achieves a stakeholder engagement model dedicated to the sustainable delivery of Diabetes Prevention Programs (DPP) statewide in 2020 under the leadership of HabitNu Foundation. Supported by Novo Nordisk's Farm House to Your House program and working with partners, HabitNu currently delivers a no-cost diabetes prevention program while addressing food insecurity in Mississippi to 600 individuals. 

Our work in inner-city Chicago


DPP is now available at Walmart Health 

One-third of Chicago residents are obese, and over 200,000 Chicagoans are diabetic. Black and Latino Chicagoans are 30% more likely to have type 2 diabetes than white residents.

As a first step to address health disparities HabitNu partnered with Walmart Health locations in Chicago's South and West side, Chatham, and Austin neighborhoods. Providing DPP HabitNu can help reduce the burden of diabetes in Chicago, especially now, because obesity and type-2 diabetes are contributing to an increased risk of COVID-19-related complications. 

Building a stakeholder model

Screen Shot 2021-01-30 at 10.05.29

HabitNu's goal is to assure the following are available:

  • An adequate choice of quality National DPP and Medicare MDPP access points is available for participation by prediabetes enrollees and potential enrollees from all Referral CHANNELS;

  • An essential network of program PARTNERS is serving at-risk populations.

  • A statewide listing of active National DPP and Medicare MDPP Program suppliers along with social determinants of Health Services is available for reference by Healthcare payers, Referral channels, lifestyle coaches, and prediabetes populations.

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