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with a first-of-its-kind habit-shaping platform

  • Engage with your employees and members to pursue healthy habits

  • Proven programs, personalized to change behaviors

  • Prevent chronic diseases and lower your costs FOREVER

A "high tech-high touch" approach 

We combine behavioral science and analytics to identify health risks before they become problems

HabitNu helps you break unhealthy behaviors through habit-shaping to drive behavior change

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Unparalleled health outcomes

  • Most self-insured employers and health plans spend the majority of their healthcare dollars on chronic conditions.

  • HabitNu lowers financial risk by nudging your employees or health plan members toward better health and preventing chronic diseases such as type 2 diabetes. 


Engage your at-risk population

  • We use a range of analytics to identify the health risks of your population and prescribe the appropriate course of action.

  • HabitNu's data-driven approach segments your population and helps form your intervention strategy.

  • HabitNu program is highly scalable and personalized for each individual to achieve his/her goal. 

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Prevent chronic diseases

  • Provide a personalized habit-shaping program to prevent type 2 diabetes, hypertension, and metabolic syndrome

  • Unique member experience focusing on long-term behavior change

  • Each member receives the human touch from a trained lifestyle coach

Work with us


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HabitNu partner programs are unique to your needs.

Choose our wellness platform to run your program or select the HabitNu Platform or contact our development team to make something that’s all your own.

Our adaptable, next-generation platform helps organizations of any size provide life-changing services to patients, clients, and community members from all walks of life. By partnering with HabitNu, your organization will have the opportunity to change lives, make a lasting impact, and get paid for it.


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