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1 in 3 people are at risk for pre-diabetes and most don’t even know it. Don’t let the “pre” in pre-diabetes fool you. 

Real Lifestyle Coach to Support You

You’ll have the support of a lifestyle coach and a small group of individuals sharing the same challenges and goals as you. 

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HabitNu DPP is a 100% Covered Benefit under Medicare and some Insurance Plans. Take a short quiz and you’re ready to begin!  


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I happily endorse the program of HabitNu as a supportive method to adopting a healthier lifestyle. I am a middle-aged women with moderate to severe arthritis in my knees and feet. The last decade I have put on a significant amount of weight. I did not want to attend meetings in person, so the online coach was particularly helpful. (Thanks for all the support Kaitlin - you rock!). The scale sending out weight info also gave me a much needed sense of accountability. The short videos from HabitNu are full of great info, but not so long that you can’t find time to watch them! A very comprehensive program that has helped me to lose almost 10% of my body weight in 12 weeks (two pound shy). I feel better, move easier and have more energy than I have had in several years. Thanks HabitNu!
— Natalie, HabitNu Participant

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