HabitNu’s Impact


From Natalie: HabitNu Participant

“I happily endorse HabitNu as a supportive method to adopting a healthier lifestyle. I am a middle-aged women with moderate to severe arthritis in my knees and feet. The last decade I have put on a significant amount of weight. I found HabitNu to be a very comprehensive program that has helped me to lose almost 10% of my body weight in 12 weeks (two pound shy). The short videos from HabitNu are full of great info, but not so long that you can't find time to watch them! I feel better, move easier and have more energy than I have had in several years. Thanks HabitNu!”

66%: Lost more than 5% body weight, reduced the risk of Type 2 diabetes by half

69%: Shifted from hypertensive to normal

90%: Retention rate after session 2