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Get Active, Lose Weight,

Build New Habits

through short-term goals and with a program personalized for your success

Shaping habits with achievable goals 

No more fasting or dieting!

Lose Weight and Keep It Off:

People who lose weight gradually and steadily manage to sustain their weight loss. You will get a personal health coach and HabitNu's digital tools to develop small achievable goals and lasting results.

Small changes, big rewards

Heart Shape


“In three months, I've lost exactly 20 lbs, which means I've lost almost 9% of my body weight, more than the CDC recommendation. My BP was 107 over 70. It hasn't been that low since, well...EVER! 

Thank you HabitNu”



"I just finished my 1st year on the Habitnu Program, lost 75 pounds, and feel and look better than I did before my weight loss... My coach was always there. I have learned so much from others that share their problems, and successes"

Take the next step


 Next Steps

  1. Take our eligibility quiz to find out if the HabitNu program is right for you.

  2. Join the digital, country-wide HabitNu program. Your health plan may cover HabitNu or you can self pay at $35/month. 

  3. Meet your lifestyle coach and a team of like-minded peers for weekly diabetes lessons.

  4. Track your weight, exercise, eating habits, and more on the HabitNu app from your phone or browser.

  5. Lose weight and keep it off; you'll never lose access to the app or your discussion group.

Partner with us


Help your employees meet their health goals and reduce insurance costs company-wide.

Health Systems

Whether it's streamlining your current DPP or creating a new program, HabitNu can help


Now is the time to offer your patients an online, individualized DPP or DSME program with HabitNu


Online platforming, training, data collection and analytics, CDC-Certification, and more. HabitNu has a solution for you.

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