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HabitNu is scientifically proven to help you live a healthier life by changing how you think about food, exercise, and stress.

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HabitNu is the CDC-Recognized way to lose weight, improve cardiovascular health, and prevent Type-2 Diabetes. It’s proven to work!
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Brenda's Success with HabitNu

Taking control of her health wasn't easy, but Brenda knew she had to act. Witnessing her father's struggle with diabetes, she signed up for HabitNu. Though unsure what to expect with HabitNu, Brenda dove in. Through the program, she learned how small changes in her daily routine could lead to big improvements in her health. The CDC is proud to share Brenda's story: for over three years, she's maintained a healthy weight and, most importantly, lives pain-free. Brenda's journey is an inspiration.

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“When I started this program, I was 270 lbs. This morning, I hit my lowest yet: 229! I never thought I would see that number. I lost most of my weight without ever exercising. This program changed my life – I feel like I can maintain this weight loss long-term. I appreciate the coaches' help and the support from all the participants. The group forum is as powerful a tool as the food tracker. Thank you HabitNu!” - Mark

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The Numbers Speak For Themselves!

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