Building a Brighter Future: Partnering for Safe and Effective GLP-1 Weight Management

We're thrilled to announce a groundbreaking partnership with Dr. William Melvin “Mel” Brown III, M.D. Dr. Brown, a native Charlestonian, was elected to the MUSC Board of Trustees in 2018 as the medical profession representative from the Sixth Congressional District. Together, we'll be delving deeper into the world of GLP-1 drugs, exploring how to safely and effectively integrate them with healthy lifestyle changes for optimal weight management.

GLP-1 drugs have shown immense promise in supporting weight loss. However, maximizing their benefits requires a holistic approach. This collaboration allows us to leverage Dr. Brown's medical expertise alongside our commitment to GLP-1 research. By partnering, we aim to:

This partnership is a significant step towards a future where weight management is not just possible, but safe, sustainable and empowering. Stay tuned for exciting updates as we progress in this research journey!