New Habits, New You

Did you know that 38% of all adults in the U.S. have prediabetes? HabitNu's scientifically-proven Diabetes Prevention Program is here to help. And it's easy too!

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HabitNu's CDC-recognized program helps you form healthy habits. Lose weight for life & prevent health problems.
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Lose Weight The HabitNu Way

Being overweight is the primary cause of prediabetes and many other health problems. HabitNu's program is recognized by the CDC to help you lose weight and keep it off for life. Through individual and small-group counseling with your health coach, you'll learn new ways to think about food, exercise, and stress.

Change That Lasts A Lifetime
HabitNu isn't a weight-loss plan, it's a behavioral change program. That means you can take your time and make changes at your own pace. Because the idea isn't to lose weight fast – it's to lose weight and be healthier for the rest of your life.
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Reap The Benefits

After a few weeks on the program – with help from your coach and peer group – you'll start to see and feel changes. You've probably lost a few pounds. You're eating better without dieting. If you have high blood pressure, chances are it's dropping. Same with your cholesterol levels. The best part is that these changes will stay with you. We'll say it again: new habits, new you!

Am I Eligible?

See What Participants Are Saying
Since joining ADA'S Project Power-HabitNu, I have lost 75 pounds and seen my A1C go from 6.5 to 4.4! I would HIGHLY recommend anyone struggling with diabetes or pre-diabetes to join these programs!!!
Before the program, I did not want to exercise and had no energy for anything. Now I am moving, walking and dancing daily. HabitNu has afforded me a lifestyle change, like tracking my steps, weighing and recording the foods I eat daily.
In three months, I've lost exactly 20 pounds, which means I've lost almost 9% of my body weight. Which by the way, exceeds the CDC's recommendation of a 5 to 7% reduction for diabetes prevention!