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HabitNu's health coaches are certified experts trained in behavioral change techniques and nutrition. They're with you every step of the way!
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Our Coaches Are Dedicated To You

HabitNu's coaches are the real deal. They're dedicated to helping you change your lifestyle, lose weight, and feel better. They work closely with you to set realistic goals you can live with. Then they guide you toward achieving your goals.

Communication Is Their Secret Weapon
Our coaches keep in touch with you. They'll email or text you a couple of times a week to check in. They lead weekly meetings with your peer team, and they monitor your progress through the HabitNu app. Their job is to help you succeed!
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What Our Participants Say About Their Coaches
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"My coach, Coach Kaitlin, is an excellent mentor, team leader, and supportive cheering section. Her discussion points elicit thoughtful dialogue. Coach Kaitlin is also a problem solver in that she resolved an insurance matter in my favor. I have thanked her before and will now, thank her again. Thank you, Coach Kaitlin!" – Steve

"This program definitely changed my life. I feel like I can maintain this loss long-term. I appreciate my coach's help and the support from all the participants. The group forum is just as powerful a tool as the food tracker. Thank you HabitNu!" – Mark
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“While the app is good, the driving force behind the app is my personal coach. Her emails and Sunday chats (when I participate) keep me focused on staying in tune with a better lifestyle. Her coaching style of encouragement is most helpful and appreciated. Thank you so much!” – Susan