Experts In Healthcare, Technology & Behavioral Science

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HabitNu's expertise in healthcare, technology, and behavioral science makes us the perfect partner to deliver programs that help people lose weight and prevent chronic illness.
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Long-Term Behavioral Change

HabitNu’s CDC-recognized DPP program is delivered by certified health coaches who teach participants new ways to think about nutrition, exercise, and stress management. New habits are formed, which stay with participants for life.

End-to-End Technology Support
HabitNu's technology platform includes a participant onboarding portal and a fun and engaging app, our DPP coach portal, as well as data aggregation, reporting, and billing/claims modules. The platform is designed to integrate with your enterprise systems.
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Evidence-Based Outcomes

HabitNu's program is proven to help participants manage or prevent obesity-related chronic diseases like diabetes and hypertension. Lifestyle changes result in evidence-based outcomes: weight loss, lower HbA1c levels, and improved blood pressure.

Ready To Work With HabitNu?

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"Our goal is to reduce health disparities and build a future without diabetes. As we prepare to launch Project Power nationwide, the HabitNu team has demonstrated their ability to execute on such a large undertaking."
Sherry Hill
Program Director for Project Power (American Diabetes Association)