Wellness4Prevention is Empowering Communities

A Personal and Professional Mission

Carolyn Skelton, a dedicated registered dietitian and diabetes prevention coach, shared her inspiring journey and impactful work in the realm of diabetes prevention. Carolyn's program has been a beacon of hope in the Kansas City area, where Diabetes Prevention Programs (DPPs) are notably scarce. Carolyn's drive to combat diabetes stems from a startling revelation she encountered three years ago: a predicted 700% increase in Type-2 Diabetes among youth by 2060. This alarming statistic fueled her determination to make a difference. Witnessing the unhealthy lifestyle trends at community events and fairs further solidified her resolve to address this growing health crisis.

Building a Community-Centric Approach

Carolyn transitioned from one-on-one nutrition counseling to launching a comprehensive DPP. This shift allowed her to impact a broader audience by fostering group support and collaboration with medical providers. Her program's success is evident in the tangible health improvements seen among participants, including weight loss, lower blood pressure, and reduced reliance on medications.

Overcoming Challenges and Celebrating Successes

Launching and maintaining a successful DPP has not been without challenges. Carolyn faced difficulties in patient referrals and filling program seats. However, the perseverance paid off as participants who engaged with the program experienced significant health benefits. Carolyn highlights the importance of using tools like the HabitNu app and offering incentives to keep participants motivated and engaged.

Expanding the Reach

Looking ahead, Carolyn aims to expand her program by recruiting more diabetes prevention coaches and collaborating with allied health professionals. She is particularly focused on reaching rural communities, which often lack access to preventive care. By partnering with small community centers and health organizations, Carolyn envisions a network of well-trained coaches providing essential support and education across Missouri.

The Power of Passion and Positive Mindset

Central to Carolyn's philosophy is the belief that a passion for wellness and people is crucial for success. She emphasizes the need for coaches to possess a positive mindset and the ability to inspire and motivate participants. By fostering these qualities, Carolyn aims to create a sustainable and impactful Diabetes Prevention Program that truly resonates with the communities it serves.

A Vision for the Future

Carolyn's long-term goals include achieving accreditation for Diabetes Self-Management Education and is currently working on full-recognition from the National Diabetes Prevention Recognition Program. She remains focused on expanding her program's reach and impact, ensuring that more individuals have access to the tools and support they need to lead healthier lives. 

For more information on Carolyn Skelton's diabetes prevention program and to stay updated on her latest initiatives, you can visit her website and follow her on social media. Carolyn's unwavering commitment to preventing diabetes and promoting wellness is an inspiration to us all.