Leverage HabitNu's Expertise to Build Statewide Collaborative Networks

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HabitNu Connects DPP and DSMES Providers, Referral Sources, SDoH Services, and Payers For Financial Viability and Program Sustainability.
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Use Our Umbrella To Grow Your Statewide DPP Network

Community-based organizations that have not received CDC recognition to deliver and bill for DPP services can utilize HabitNu's full recognition status by joining our Umbrella Hub.

Choose From Customizable Program Options To Build Network Strength

Use HabitNu to deliver direct DPP services, license our end-to-end delivery platform, or build broader networks under our CDC-designated Umbrella Status.

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Keep Your Community Healthy

HabitNu’s evidence-based, CDC-recognized, behavioral counseling weight loss and chronic disease prevention program delivers proven results.

Ready To Work With HabitNu?

"Too many Missourians already live with type 2 diabetes and its complications. We believe that our integrated NDPP network will help improve the lives of thousands of Missouri residents with pre-diabetes by providing statewide access and coverage to the evidence-based program.''
Joyce Hoth
DHSS Public Health Program Supervisor (Diabetes and Heart Disease Program