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Diabetes prevention program

CDC-recognized program and an umbrella hub

With HabitNu you can

 Track outcomes

Aggregate data

Submit claims

WHY JOIN THE CDC-approved DPP UmbrellA?  

CDC- approved Umbrella Hub Organization to deliver DPP and submit claims

Become a subsidiary of HabitNu and your organization will receive HabitNu's full CDC recognition status.


Under the umbrella arrangement with the CDC, HabitNu will serve as the sponsoring hub and subsidiary organizations will be able to benefit from the full CDC recognition status of HabitNu to achieve preliminary supplier status.

Subsidiaries will be able to leverage HabitNu's existing infrastructure and processes including the HabitNu platform, digital tools, billing and claims submission service, data aggregation, and DPRP reporting capability to develop its own best practices and scale the National DPP.

Why join the the HabitNu Umbrella?

HabitNu can be leveraged simply as a licensed platform for use by organizations that already
offer a DPP program or HabitNu can deliver a Full-Service DPP program on behalf of providers
using HabitNu health coaches.


Aggregate data, track outcomes and submit DPRP reports seamlessly with HabitNu. Detailed reports and analytics can be generated at the enterprise level and further segmented by DPP organization.


Organizations with pending recognition but cannot bill Medicare can join HabitNu’s Umbrella to leverage HabitNu’s full CDC recognition and CMS (Medicare) supplier status to get reimbursed.

Building a stakeholder model

Screen Shot 2021-01-30 at 10.05.29

HabitNu's goal is to assure the following:

  • An adequate choice of quality National DPP and Medicare MDPP access points is available for participation by prediabetes enrollees and potential enrollees from all Referral CHANNELS;

  • An essential network of program PARTNERS is serving at-risk populations.

  • A statewide listing of active National DPP and Medicare MDPP Program suppliers along with social determinants of Health Services is available for reference by Healthcare payers, Referral channels, lifestyle coaches, and prediabetes populations.

Statewide enterprise delivery models
umbrella model.png
  • State Departments of Health can take advantage of HabitNu’s CDC-recognition status, Umbrella Hub arrangement, Medicare supplier credentials, and innovative platform and digital tools 

  • Roll out your statewide DPP delivery strategy that can accommodate the needs of both the established DPP programs as well as organizations that are just starting out.


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