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First year anniversary: Slow and steady

This post was originally published on March 26th, 2020


One Year With HabitNu

Hi All!

I've lost a total of 22 lbs during the past year! :)

Today I hit an all-time low with 22 lbs lost since April 2019! It has been a challenge and try very hard to stay focused and grateful for each pound I lose. I know some of you have had phenomenal weight loss, not me. Slowly, slowly wins the race for me! I have another 20 to go and that's all right! This time next year or maybe even later this year I'll be where I'll feel the healthiest!

Clothes are fitting better and I'm getting rid of the baggy ones! Not going back!! Be encouraged! Just because someone else is making a 30-50 lb weight loss in a few months doesn't mean that your lesser loss is not important, It Is!!! Do you feel better, sleep better, wear smaller clothes, have better A1C numbers?

If yes to any of these then you are making life-changing choices for a healthier you! Habitnu has helped me with all of the coaching, group support, weight, food and exercise accountabilities. Keep up the Good Work, even in these uncertain times. The better health you are in the better your body is to fight any sickness! Happy Spring to all!

Brenda M

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