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HabitNu and The City of Ballwin to form Strategic Partnership

This story was originally published November 5th, 2019

HabitNu and The City of Ballwin to form Strategic Partnership to address the need of Diabetes Prevention Programs in Missouri

St. Louis County, Missouri

HabitNu, a CDC-recognized Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP) provider has added The Pointe at Ballwin Commons, a fitness center managed by The City of Ballwin, Missouri to its national network of DPP Partners. Starting this month, The Pointe will now deliver HabitNu’s nationally accredited DPP Program to it members of Ballwin and surrounding communities.

The City of Ballwin, which is located in St. Louis County, has a diagnosed type-2 diabetes prevalence rate of 10%. This rate is equivalent to the Missouri state average and greater than the United States average of 8.6%. The Burden of Diabetes written by the American Diabetes Association published that in Missouri, 689,000 people have been diagnosed with diabetes and 146,000 individuals are prediabetic but don’t know it. While the number of people who are unaware of their pre-diabetic state is growing, HabitNu, a leader in effective prediabetes management, is expanding rapidly across the nation in an effort to reverse this course of action

HabitNu DPP is modeled after the CDC’s National Diabetes Prevention Program and comprises a personalized lifestyle change program that combines a private online social network, health coaching, evidence-based curriculum, and digital tools to help people live happier and healthier lives. When participants join HabitNu, they will be matched with a lifestyle coach who will establish on-going relationships, to help modify participant’s health behaviors, create new habits and nudge them to stay motivated and engaged. They will also gain access to a downloadable HabitNu app which includes a food diary, exercise log, short weekly videos, text messages and peer support forum.

The Pointe at Ballwin Commons serves St. Louis County for a multitude of reasons that go above and beyond just physical fitness. With upwards of 170,000 visits a year, The Pointe provides services for every type of individual. “From personal training to community support programs for all ages, our facility offers it all. The community of Ballwin and surrounding neighborhoods deserve a place where they can learn how to improve themselves on a daily basis, and we do exactly that in a variety of ways,” says Fitness Manager, Matt Streumph. Habitnu looks forward to adding to The Pointe’s plethora of services and being able to enhance the lifestyle change landscape in Missouri.

About The Pointe at Ballwin Commons: The Pointe at Ballwin Commons opened in July of 1996 and proudly serves as the city of Ballwin’s main recreational center. They tend to all ages and fitness interests to ensure that each individual has a tailored experience to their liking. The Pointe was created by the people and for the people, which is why it serves to many different interests outside of physical fitness. To learn more visit

About HabitNu: HabitNu delivers evidence-based prevention solutions focused on preventing obesity-related chronic conditions. HabitNu DPP is based on the CDC developed Diabetes Prevention Curriculum. Lasting one year, the curriculum delivers a “lifestyle modification” approach in which participants received personal coaching, education, and motivational counseling to help them lose a modest amount of weight by improving their diet and increasing their exercise. The program’s group setting provides a supportive environment with people who are facing similar challenges and trying to make the same changes. Together, participants celebrate their successes and find ways to overcome obstacles. For more information, visit

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