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HabitNu partners with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to build a scalable Telehealth platform

This story was originally published on October 9th, 2020 at the AWS Business Productivity Blog

The power of video everywhere with the Amazon Chime SDK

HabitNu was featured in the Amazon Web Services blog in a story about the Amazon Chime SDK embedded video program. HabitNu Co-Founder Gregg Cooke was interviewed and explained the importance of "video everywhere" to HabitNu's online diabetes prevention programming.

"HabitNu is a diabetes prevention program that helps people with type-2 diabetes improve their health and reduce the symptoms of their condition. “The vast majority of diabetes prevention programs are delivered as in-person classes by trained lifestyle coaches. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, all in-person programs faced a choice: end their classes, or deliver them digitally,” said Gregg Cooke, Founder of HabitNu. “For us, the problem was that our current teleconferencing vendor could barely scale to meet our current demand, much less meet the projected demand from so many new customers. We decided to switch to the Amazon Chime SDK to build our own, new solution before the expected deluge of new customers overwhelmed our old solution."

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