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Thank you for helping me find a healthier me

This post was originally published on July 14th, 2020


A Healthier Steve

Please accept my review with my experiences with the HabitNu Health Program. Using the resources available through this program, I have lost 16 pounds in 10 weeks. I am happily astounded at these results. I am now slightly below my ambitious target weight, feel better, and am learning to maintain at this approximate weight.

The program consists of videos, discussions, and a health section, among others, led by a Health Coach. A Coach forms your Team. My Coach, Coach Kaitlin, is an excellent mentor, team leader, and supportive cheering section. Her discussion points elicit thoughtful dialogue. Coach Kaitlin is also a problem solver in that she resolved an insurance matter in my favor. I have thanked her before and will now, thank her again. Thank you, Coach Kaitlin!

Videos are timely, on-target, and progress to the next higher level well; they practice humor in good spots and relate well to real life. The food diary section is essential, easy to use, and informative. The health section is also easy to use in tracking activities, especially after using the linked scale and FitBit; I earned my FitBit Inspire HR by following the program requirements.

I highly recommend this program to all persons interested in a better and healthier life.

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