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Thank you HabitNu!

This post was originally published on March 11th, 2020


Food Diary is Crucial

I went to see my doctor yesterday, and she was pleased with my weight loss. The last time I saw her I was 275. Last night, fully dressed with my phone and wallet in my pockets, I weighed 240. She was pretty shocked when I told her it was from changing my diet and tracking what I ate.

It's crazy for me to see the difference. I'm wearing a pair of dress pants that were tight on me last year, now they're falling off. I'm actually needing to go shopping this weekend for new pants this weekend. All of the pairs I have are falling off, even the ones I couldn't even button last year. Before when I lost weight I would be hesitant to spend the money. I always knew I would regain the weight. Now, however, I feel confident enough to purchase new ones.

The first time I weighed in at the start of this program, I was 270. This morning I hit my lowest yet, 229.07! I never thought I would see that number. To be honest, when I started this program, I did it to get the free Fitbit and scale. I never thought I would lose any weight. I'll admit I was very wrong. I heard that diet made the biggest impact on weight loss, but I didn't believe it. I lost the majority of my weight without ever exercising. Well, consider me a believer now! This program definitely changed my life. I finally feel like I will be off the weight roller coaster. I know there will be ups and downs, but not like before. I feel like I can maintain this loss long-term.

I appreciate the coaches' help and support from all the participants. The group forum is just as powerful of a tool as the food tracker. Thank you HabitNu.

Mark, L, HabitNu Participant

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