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The Diabetes Prevention Program helps support participants during the COVID-19 crisis

This story was originally published on April 15th, 2020

HabitNu’s coaches help through the Covid-19 crisis

The COVID-19 global pandemic is extremely stressful for us all, but especially so for our community because the disease affects people with pre-existing conditions like diabetes and hypertension disproportionately. The pandemic also has the potential to aggravate a variety of health risks associated with loneliness and isolation.

HabitNu provides a CDC recognized lifestyle change program that focuses on preventing chronic diseases such as type-2 diabetes through healthy eating, exercise, better sleep, and stress management. These lifestyle changes were important and healthful before the pandemic, and they remain important and healthful now, too.

HabitNu coaches are springing into action this season to provide additional resources and support for Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP) participants during the COVID-19 crisis. Given the unique nature of the remote delivery of the HabitNu DPP, the program is well positioned to prevent many of the negative side effects that can accompany social distancing. The HabitNu staff is turning this dire situation into an opportunity to help people stay connected to their coach and other members of the HabitNu Program.

HabitNu’s Coach Mendy has been hosting Saturday morning coffee talks, a time where participants can connect via phone or webinar to discuss the new stresses that are brought on by COVID-19. Coach Jennifer has been adding to her daily discussion topics to address new challenges like working at home, managing news and mass media, and finding ways to bring levity and gratitude to our situation.

Lifestyle Coaches are working very closely to share resources that will help keep participants stay focused on their health, nutrition, and physical activity needs. In addition to providing the CDCs DPP curriculum, the lifestyle coaching team are offering additional opportunities for participants to connect through additional teleconference meetings on topics that include the following:

- Creative solutions for exercising at home while stay-at-home orders are in effect

- New ways to get more family members involved in healthy cooking at home and taking care of mental and emotional health

HabitNu staff and lifestyle coaches remain committed to each and every participant, and we intend to go above and beyond our usual standards to provide a measure of stability and consistency during these uncertain and frightening times.

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