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Diabetes Self Management
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Our Platform

Whether delivered individually or in a group setting, HabitNu DSMES offers a complete diabetes education documentation solution and care curriculum with proven behavior change methodologies to improve health behaviors and health outcomes. The platform documents and tracks the full DSMES cycle and includes our “learn module” which allows educators to deliver their preferred diabetes curriculum and capture everything necessary for accurate billing and outcomes reporting.

How It Works
Modeled on the ADCES Self-Care Behaviors curriculum, HabitNu DSMES empowers individuals with diabetes to learn how to manage their disease and live their best life. The platform incorporates evidence-based teaching on coping, diet, exercise, medication adherence, risk reduction and problem solving.  Between sessions, participants practice what they have learned and track their progress using the fun and engaging HabitNu app.
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DSMES Educators Love the Platform Because of Proven Outcomes

HabitNu DSMES automates a previously paper-based delivery workflow while providing deep clinical and behavioral insights at both the participant and operational levels. The platform supports the full range of workflow elements including intake, scheduling, clinical documentation, curriculum delivery, progress tracking, outcomes reporting, and billing and claims management to help educators deliver the program more efficiently and effectively. Intuitive dashboards help monitor progress at both the overall and individual levels and highlight issues before they become problems.

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