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Hypertension Management

Our Program

Under the guidance of a clinician, our partners access the HabitNu platform to deliver a range of approved curriculum for blood pressure monitoring and management. When combined with our CDC-approved lifestyle change curriculum, this powerful program has demonstrated effectiveness in controlling hypertension and improving lipid profiles among participants.

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How It Works
Coaches upload their preferred curriculum into the  HabitNu "Learn" module to be delivered in-person or online via individual or group settings.  Between sessions, participants learn to manage hypertension by using the HabitNu app to measure and record their blood pressure, weight, and physical activity, track their food, watch educational videos, engage with other participants and receive personalized consultations and nutrition education webinars.

Proven Outcomes

Partners have found that the combination of their approved hypertension curriculum coupled with HabitNu's CDC-recognized lifestyle change program have resulted in improved patient outcomes and fostered long-lasting healthy behaviors.

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